Lasell College’s Wederman Gallery Brings Hanoi Art At-Hand

David Thomas’s Indochina Arts Partnership (IAP) and Lasell College are providing a rare glimpse into a portion of Hanoi’s vibrant art world through April 15, 2012.

Wederman Gallery Visitors Discuss Print

Particularly strong is the ceramic plate and bell panel by Le Quoc Viet.  The plates depict a compelling look at current Vietnamese vices.  The ringing sounds of the bells are a distinct contrast to the powerful political messages.

Le Quoc Viet Ceramic Panel

The second floor exhibits a dozen lithographs that are available for purchase.  Supplementing the prints and lithographs are a series of stunning cloth tubes covered with ancient Vietnamese writing.  IAP is offering a limited number for sale to benefit its programs. 

Wederman is another At-Hand hidden gem.  Check it out soon.  IAP exhibit is open 1-4PM.

David Thomas, IAP Founder


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