Open Gardens At-Hand

New England is in bloom! 2012 is possibly one of the earliest Springs on record, with the traditional  bloom periods of different trees, shrubs, and bulbs collapsed on one another.  Take advantage of the season’s splendor through the Open Gardens program of Garden Conservancy.  The 2012 weekend self-guided tour days begin in Mid May. 

Each year about 100 of New England’s very best private gardens are opened by their owners, designers and caretakers at their peak.  Conveniently, Garden Conservancy coordinates a few (typically 3-7) gardens in a area for a day of visual, and olfactory bliss.  Bring your camera, your questions and your ability to appreciate and acknowledge.

Any number of these treasures and hidden-gems are the efforts of several decades and at nearly unimaginable costs.  

The open gardens schedule is here.  Cost is approximately $5 per garden in cash, or buy a full-day ticket for a discount.  If you have never done an Open Days day trip, do so this season.  No matter how high your expectations, are they will be exceeded.

All photos by At-Hand Guides at New England Open Days Gardens


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