At-Hand Apps to Cease Operations

We are announcing today with some sadness that At-Hand Apps will be ceasing its business operations.

March 16th will be the final day that our catalog of travel guide apps covering New England and New York State will be available for download from the App Store.

Existing users may continue using the apps until mid-2016 when we plan to shut down our servers. Watch this space, Facebook, and Twitter for more details to come.

We are grateful to the many individuals who volunteered their photos, insights and other help in creating our apps. You were very generous and awesome. Thank you!

We are incredibly appreciative of the dozens of fellow dreamers who invested time and money in At-Hand Apps and its missions along the way and who shared the journey with us. Thank you!

And finally, to our customers: Thank you. Without you we certainly would not have been able to come this far. Our hope since 2010 has been that we could provide a product of some value, created with great care and love, that would enhance users’ lives in some way.

So we say goodbye. It has been a good journey.